This sealant is flexible and will expand and contract with the natural concrete movement caused by changing weather conditions and ground movement.  

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  • Pressure Injection Sealant !
  • Used on Melbourne's Burnley Tunnel !
  • No Need to Empty Tank Water !!
  • Potable, Food Grade Rated Sealant for Drinking Water !

We use a pressure injection leak sealant that has been developed over many years, ( 20 + years ), in the Commercial Construction Industry. The system is a pressurised injection concrete leak sealant. Designed to repair leaking cracks from the outside without EMPTYING your water.

Thousands of successful repairs carried out. This sealant will repair all leaks in concrete tanks with a wall thickness in excess of 65mm or more thickness.

For a Quotation -

Please take a photo of the leaking area / crack, email or text that information through to the contacts shown here and measure the length ( from the bottom of crack which can sometimes be buried in the soil to the very top ), measure each crack you want to seal. Send those details through. 

We travel all over Victoria repairing concrete water tanks, no job is to small, we keep our prices down by obtaining this information from clients then quoting based on the photos and measurements provided. We then only have to travel once to each job for the repairs !

We have a sealant to repair concrete water tank cracks from leaking. This sealant provides a fully waterproof potable, ( food grade ) seal. From the inside of the tank wall through to the outside of the wall. The advantage with this sealant is it is flexible and has a elongation rating which means it will expand and contract with future concrete movement. Other concrete treatments don't ? They are usually a rigid mortar mix that goes off like grout and will crack once weather conditions change. External injection sealant means we can treat the crack from the outside with the water kept inside the tank. The advantages here make this treatment the most economical solution available.  

SAVE Money, Water and Your Time !!

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November 2012 -

Darren ( Tankshop ) - came to Somerville, Victoria to repair our 120,000 litre concrete water tank, the tank had a number of leaks but the most severe was the hole right through the tank, tennis ball diameter size. We thought we were up for a new tank. The customer service was great. An Amazing result !! Topchix Poultry P/L

2013 - Client Reference. Valerie BRENNAN, Greta West ( Near Glenrowan ), Victoria 3675

I knew it was time to take action on significant leaks in our 30,000 gallon domestic water tank and was looking at some seriously costly options and the potential loss of a full tank of water when I found Darren’s website.

Seemed almost too good to be true but certainly worth a chat, so I made a phone call. Whoops, would have been smarter to read the instructions on the Website first and taken the measurements. The return call was pleasant, brief, efficient and gave me the estimated cost and a potential date for the job. It was a largish job 14M of cracks hidden behind agapanthus and other shrubbery.

The day arrived, on time and proceeded to unload and get on with the job at hand, no problems, no fuss, clearly very experienced at what they do.

I was, no leaks, a full tank of water and very effective, cost efficient outcome.

The best part though was that all of this happened as promised, quality workmanship, on time, within the quote. It was, as the old advert went “like flying with British Airways” all done with a minimum of fuss.

I am more than happy to recommend TankShop to anyone looking to save their tank and more importantly their water.

Thanks guys, a job very well done!

Valerie Brennan, Greta West, Victoria

2013 -

Hello Darren

Just a quick email to thank you for a super professional job on our tank. I
was sceptical about your method when everyone else wanted to remove the
cover, drain the tank and paint it or put in liners or dig it out of the
slope or otherwise spend many thousands of our money and make us move out of
the house for a few weeks (hotel ?). But dealing with you was a pleasure,
you did everything you said you would and the results are amazing. There are
no leaks now, the tank seems very happy and we are happy having spent well
under liner install pricing including your transport and GST. You were here half a day
including clean-up of your tools.
I would be very happy to endorse your service based on our excellent

All the best

Brian Dermott
PO Box 408
Mansfield 3724

2012 - Awesome job on my tank Darren. Thank you very much for responding so quickley. Janice Bostedt ( Driffield Gippsland )

To anyone reading this, we cannot stress enough what a huge relief it is to know that our cracked tank is fixed. It created a smelly mosquito infested lagoon that seeped into the sewerage run off pipe and was dreadful. In addition, the thought of how much water we have lost over the years is a puzzle. Thank you Darren. Thank you. We will be singing your praises to all who will listen! Already we have passed your business card out. 

Sincerely and thanks 

John & Jessamy Morrissey 


Nyora , Vic  


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Pressure Injection Repairs !

No Need to Empty Tank Water !

The system we used to repair leaking concrete tanks is commercially proven. The system seals the leaking crack from the outside face of the tank all the way through to the inside face eliminating water up against steel. This will stop the rust, water leaks and prolong the life span of the tank. The only effective way to repair tank leaks without emptying your water !!

This Sealant is used on Melbourne's Burnley Tunnel and many Commercial Building Projects. Proven Performance, Long Term Repair !

Very Strong ! Flexible Seal - High Elongation Rating Sealant - Potable Water Certified, will expand and contract with concrete.